The Banyan Shades


A powerful image of Bharat Mata scanning her territory

The importance of India that is Bharat book series: Part 1

India that is Bharat was a book that was long due. It is a book that translates the conscious and subconscious understandings of any Indian who is in touch with her soil into solid written form. It expresses what has since long been waiting to be expressed by any common Indian. In my opinion, this book is the first of the many milestones that Indic thinkers should achieve in order to balance the epistemological gap between the colonial mindsets and the indigenous voices.

Broadening the reach and scope of the EPA

Government has plans to rework environment related acts including Environment Protection Act, Air (Prevention and Control of Pollution Act), 1981 and The Water Act, 1974. The mode of governance is taking a turn towards market based approaches from a purely regulatory one. The government is also contemplating a new task force dedicated towards Environmental protection. …

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