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Did India hit the $4 trillion GDP mark?

Did the Indian economy hit the $4 trillion mark already? In the absence of any official confirmation, experts and commentators have been pitching in their opinions. Here is our take on the subject. The widely shared screenshot claims we did, while multiple people have pointed out how the information hasn’t been verified by any official …

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4 levels of analysis of International Political Economy

Understanding International Political Economy

The study of International Political Economy is an attempt to utilise all major sources of academic discipline to break down, analyse, explain and predict complex real-world problems that transcend geopolitical and geographical borders. This comes from the realisation that the complexity of contemporary issues render it difficult to evaluate them solely on the basis of …

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A powerful image of Bharat Mata scanning her territory

The importance of India that is Bharat book series: Part 1

India that is Bharat was a book that was long due. It is a book that translates the conscious and subconscious understandings of any Indian who is in touch with her soil into solid written form. It expresses what has since long been waiting to be expressed by any common Indian. In my opinion, this book is the first of the many milestones that Indic thinkers should achieve in order to balance the epistemological gap between the colonial mindsets and the indigenous voices.

Current total fertility rate a description of the current trend in India's population

India’s Population: What The Future Holds

Total Fertility Rate in various states in India in 1992-93 Total Fertility Rate in various states in India in 2019-20 Contrary to popular belief, India’s population is not booming at an alarming rate. While there are strains on resources that need to be addressed, implementing coercive measures to unnaturally curtail population growth would not be …

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Sengol – the link to the Indian civilization

Abhijit Suresh and Richa Thakur The recent uproar surrounding the Chengol, a magnificent creation by Vummidi Bangaru under the guidance of Tiruvavaduthurai Aadeenam in 1947, and its installation behind the Speaker’s seat in the new Parliament has sparked intense controversy. People have attributed various meanings to it, from a symbol of monarchy to representing the …

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A Brief Sketch of Punjab Kesari

“The correct thing for us to do is to strive for a democratic Raj in which the Hindus, the Muslims and the other communities may participate as Indians and not as followers of any particular religion.”                                                                                                                         – Lala Lajpat Rai Punjab Kesari, as he was referred to, Lala Lajpat Rai is synonymous with India’s struggle …

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The weaponization of political retribution by Intellectuals

Retribution requires vindictiveness. Where there is vindictiveness, there is a sense of being wronged, and that wrongdoing being avenged. How does this principle apply to the justice systems we have created for dispute resolution? More importantly, does it create a repair in the wounded collective consciousness that is seeking a resolution to one or more …

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Domestic Workers in India

As per the  National Sample Survey (NSSO Statistics -2011-2012,68th round) an estimated 40 lakh people are employed as domestic workers by private households, of which 26 lakhs are female domestic workers (Government of India, 2019). Reasons for the high demand for domestic workers in India: Contribution Of Domestic Workers To The Economy Issues faced: Current govt initiatives: Way Forward: …

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