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Did India hit the $4 trillion GDP mark?

Did the Indian economy hit the $4 trillion mark already? In the absence of any official confirmation, experts and commentators have been pitching in their opinions. Here is our take on the subject. The widely shared screenshot claims we did, while multiple people have pointed out how the information hasn’t been verified by any official …

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4 levels of analysis of International Political Economy

Understanding International Political Economy

The study of International Political Economy is an attempt to utilise all major sources of academic discipline to break down, analyse, explain and predict complex real-world problems that transcend geopolitical and geographical borders. This comes from the realisation that the complexity of contemporary issues render it difficult to evaluate them solely on the basis of …

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What is Critical Theory?

Critical studies is a line of thought in humanities that now has influence in applied social sciences. It has its origin in Marxian line of thought. Critical theory focuses on criticizing social structures and economic structures, which it considers responsible for societal ills. One cue to recognize the influence of critical theory is whenever you hear the word “hegemony, “intersectionality”, “imbalance of power” and ‘privilege”. We are going to decode the origins of Critical Theory. It has its root in Marxist hypothesis that economy and economic relationships influence culture. Thus, Critical theory takes a stance against power structures and aims to dismantle them. It has a long history in western thought originating from Marx’s writings to culminating in deconstruction. It has now found voices in gender studies, labour studies, and other academic disciplines that deal with study of societies and people.

A powerful image of Bharat Mata scanning her territory

The importance of India that is Bharat book series: Part 1

India that is Bharat was a book that was long due. It is a book that translates the conscious and subconscious understandings of any Indian who is in touch with her soil into solid written form. It expresses what has since long been waiting to be expressed by any common Indian. In my opinion, this book is the first of the many milestones that Indic thinkers should achieve in order to balance the epistemological gap between the colonial mindsets and the indigenous voices.