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Learning Literary Criticism and theory: part 2
Consult the following passage and answer to see if Statement R is an accurate reasoningfor Statement A, provided that both of them are true. Select the correct option for Q1and 2. Differance often functions...
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Learning Literary Criticism and Theory: Part 1
Let us Learn Literary criticism and theory.
Antigone and Antagonism
Sophocles, a Greek Playwright, created at least three characters that history and literature has remembered well: Oedipus, Theseus, and Antigone. In this article, we are going to discuss Antigone. She...
Trillion economy
Did India hit the $4 trillion GDP mark?
Did the Indian economy hit the $4 trillion mark already? In the absence of any official confirmation, experts and commentators have been pitching in their opinions. Here is our take on the subject. The...
Olympic life
We are living an Olympic life.
The modern society has structured life to be a race. We need to reach goals after goals, and accumulate achievements after achievements to feel worthy.
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Understanding Jacques Lacan
Understand Jacques Lacan through Structuralist and Post Structuralist Lenses
4 levels of analysis of International Political Economy
Understanding International Political Economy
The study of International Political Economy is an attempt to utilise all major sources of academic discipline to break down, analyse, explain and predict complex real-world problems that transcend geopolitical...
What is Critical Theory?
Critical studies is a line of thought in humanities that now has influence in applied social sciences. It has its origin in Marxian line of thought. Critical theory focuses on criticizing social structures...
Sudan - an analysis
Sudan, located in northeastern Africa, is a country with a diverse geography and a rich political history. The mighty Nile River, one of the world’s longest rivers, passes through Sudan, shaping...
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Ramana Maharishi, The flow of life and The Untethered Soul.
Ramana Maharisi advised his disciples to continuously ask this question to one self: “Who am I?” This question is supposed to deliver us to our inner freedom. When we start to notice our experiences or...
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