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The Banyan Shades is a knowledge product that informs and inspires.

This knowledge project is inspired by timeless wisdom of Indian forms of initiation into wisdom.

 On this page our canopy covers Policy analysis and advocacy, book reviews, art and culture, video resources, and books written by the founders. Philosophy blended with practicality is what you can expect of our content. The mission remains thus: to improve lives, on micro and macro levels.

Inner Miracles - The book to take us deeper

Inner Miracles: Transform yourself using body, breath, and focus.

This book will take us into a journey within ourselves: to understand in depth what really happens within our being while we go about our daily lives. It provides a very personalized map for self-growth and transformation. There is a healer within each one of us, the one that we seldom listen to, especially if we are having difficulty navigating our human experiences. This inner healer not only has the power to completely transform our lives into something beyond imagination, but to soothe us into truth about ourselves. All of this simply so that we can start living our best lives. The first few chapters of the book provide an introduction to the underlying theories that will help the readers understand the practices. The wisdom in this book is an amalgamation of age of Indic practices and knowledge systems (like Yoga, pranayama, dhyana) and experiential knowledge. The book concerns itself with real-life themes, problems that people face on day to day basis, and provides a detailed explanation on how to remedy the situation. Some of the themes include fatigue, anger, fear. It is a deep dive in each of these patterns and we get to know how to unravel these emotions/experiences in the context of our own lives. The latter part of the book dives into heavier themes that we encounter in our lives: themes like searching for a sense of belonging, understanding our own desires, etc. The reader is guided to get deep insights into each of these themes and is taught to trust their own experiences. Through this book, all of us are guided towards our inner oracle, our own very individual repositories of truth and light, all by breathing deeply and cultivating focus.

Latest Blogs

Latest Blogs

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Did India hit the $4 trillion GDP mark?
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We are living an Olympic life.
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Understanding Jacques Lacan
Understand Jacques Lacan through Structuralist and...
A goddess opening her eyes; Indic traditions rising: sign of decoloniality
In defense of academia.
The academic community is used to standing on the shoulder of giants. That is how we justify our methods....
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Broadening the reach and scope of the EPA
Government has plans to rework environment related acts including Environment Protection Act, Air (Prevention...
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Current total fertility rate a description of the current trend in India's population
India’s Population: What The Future Holds
Total Fertility Rate in various states in India in 1992-93 Total Fertility Rate in various...
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Millets and Nutrition in India
The Government of India, in 2021, embarked on the ‘Millet Mission’ as part of its association with the...
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Unemployment data in India and its analysis 
By Abhijit Suresh and Richa Thakur Unemployment statistics need to be demystified so that policy commentators,...
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The Untethered soul.
In this blog, we are going to talk about The Untethered Soul written by Michael A. Singer. The book teaches...
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rs=w_1280 (2)
Sengol - the link to the Indian civilization
Abhijit Suresh and Richa Thakur The recent uproar surrounding the Chengol, a magnificent creation...
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Sudan - an analysis
Sudan, located in northeastern Africa, is a country with a diverse geography and a rich political history....
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Ramana Maharishi, The flow of life and The Untethered Soul.
Ramana Maharisi advised his disciples to continuously ask this question to one self: “Who am I?” This...
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